My name is Ameya.
I'm 25 years old and based in Melbourne, Australia. I'm an artist, designer, musician, photographer and writer. I run this business on my own – creating art and products, social media management, administration, running an online shop, packaging and posting orders, doing freelance design and commission work, and collaborating with many other businesses. I'm also a fashion & textiles student and vocalist/guitarist in a band, Keaper

The name Ameya means limitless. I liked the idea of calling my brand & business 'Ameya's Realm' because it's like infinite realm; a place encompassing my wonders in all creative forms. I also feel that creative expression is a magical and transformative act, which almost takes me to another world. Hopefully it takes you, the viewer and experiencer of my art to this realm as well.

When I was about 2 years old, I was given the creative freedom to draw all over a whole wall in my house. And that was the beginning. I explore the deepest realms within myself through creative expression. To me, creating is an encounter with magic, with inspiration, with the divine. Creating is a form of love itself. And I just want to keep experiencing and sharing that love.

My affinity with various art forms is in constant flux. I feel drawn towards a particular art form for a period of time, then feel drawn to another. For the past decade, I've kept switching my focus between music and visual art, and more recently also writing, photography, filmmaking and fibre arts.

I am quite easily inspired by anything and filled with curiosity... I believe everything is art – we just need to be open enough to notice. Every little thing that is within our experience is so intricately magical and incredible. Nature, outer space and the connection between seemingly separate things tends to inspires me most - the interconnectedness between the microcosm and the macrocosm. I am in total awe of the silence, void, scale and mystery of space. It gives me perspective and I love creating and sharing what I feel from that.

Curiosity is what drives me and is the essence of my work. I follow every wonder and allow it to take me somewhere magical. I'm grateful you'd like to follow along too.



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